Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Foundation is to raise funds for medical equipment for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Our Vision

An inspired community, investing in health care, meeting the medical equipment needs of the QEH.

Our Values


We are committed to open, accountable relationships with our donors, our community and the hospital. Our goal is to ensure that donors are able to understand the impact of their contributions, that we meet their expectations for service and accountability, and that our commitments are fulfilled.


Our relationships with our donors, volunteers and staff are respectful of the contributions they make, the time they commit to the Foundation, and the skills they bring.

Trustworthiness and Integrity

As stewards of charitable contributions, we place integrity and honesty at the core of everything we do, knowing that the trust of donors and the community is vital to our continued success.


We appreciate and value every contribution made to the Foundation and ensure that our donors and the community feel authentically thanked and valued.


As a leading charity in Prince Edward Island, we aim to be innovative in our work, to be leaders and to set high standards for professionalism.