A Family Connection to the QEH NICU

May 2022

Newborn twins Eloise and Lola were born in June 2021 to Alex Youland and Kyla Thistle. The girls spent the first three weeks of their lives in the QEH NICU where they benefitted from the aid and support of neonatal ventilators, occupational therapy equipment, and omnibeds that were all purchased for the NICU in 2021. The sisters laid side-by-side during their intensive care, each in her own omnibed.

This wouldn’t have been possible, prior to the arrival of the first four omnibeds at the QEH. An omnibed, a combination incubator and warmer, is a standard of care for sick and preterm infants today. The QEH Auxiliary as well as Wo He Lo, two volunteer driven fundraising groups providing longtime support to the NICU, each purchased an omnibed at a cost of approximately $72,000 each.

The twins’ father, Alex Youland of Charlottetown, also benefitted from the QEH NICU when he was born 32 years ago. After his unexpected early delivery, Youland spent his first three months in the QEH NICU. As a result, his family has a special place in their hearts for the work of the NICU, its staff, and specialized equipment that helps so many families like them.

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