Your Gifts Help Dialysis Patients

October 2021

The protection of vulnerable dialysis patients was a major concern for Canadian hospitals at the onset of the pandemic. Our donors immediately helped purchase dialysis machines designated specifically for COVID-19 patients and those in isolation. Thankfully, this equipment has not yet been needed and was transferred to the regular QEH ICU where it is used often on a daily basis.

Seventy-eight year old Keptin John Joe Sark from Johnston’s River visits the QEH Dialysis Unit three times a week. Chronic kidney disease is on the rise across Canada, which includes higher risks for Canada’s indigenous population and developing diabetes and high blood pressure, the two most common causes of kidney failure.

“Genetically we are more prone to diabetes and for the past few years, I have needed dialysis,” Sark said. “At every visit to the QEH, I am appreciative of the kindness I receive. Everyone is good to me, especially during these past months of the pandemic. I am so grateful to have access to this life-saving equipment so close to home.”

Sark says in the future even more of the younger indigenous population will rely on hemodialysis because that generation has lacked access to healthy, nutritious, and affordable food.

“Thank you to everyone who contributes,” said Sark. “You are beautiful.”

Last year there were 11,400 hemodialysis treatments, up 2,300 from the year before. Over 200 treatments took place in the ICU.

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