QEH Foundation Launches Campaign to Fund New Mammography Machines

Kelly and her husband, Robbie, daughter, Leah (12),
and son, Jake(10) at their home in Brackley, PEI

CHARLOTTETOWN – The QEH Foundation launches its 2021-22 Annual Friends for Life campaign today with a goal of raising $1.2 million in support of new mammography equipment for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Mammography screens for breast cancer at an early stage, when treatment is most successful. Grateful patient, Kelly McEntee, is thankful for the role mammography played in detecting her breast cancer in February of this year.

“I got a mammogram in my early 40s as something proactive I could do for my health,” said McEntee. “Never in a million years did I think my first mammogram would result in a breast cancer diagnosis.”

A tumour was discovered toward the back on Kelly’s chest wall and a biopsy confirmed the early stages of cancer. Shortly thereafter, Kelly underwent a lumpectomy and 21 rounds of radiation. She rang the bell to signify the end of her cancer treatments at the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre just four months after her official diagnosis in early 2021.

“The key equipment for me, and what I think eventually saved my life, was the mammogram machine,” says McEntee. “If you can be part of a legacy of new equipment for the hospital, please give what you can.”

Campaign Chair, Valerie Docherty, says she is honoured to be involved with this year’s campaign and recognizes that it is one that many Islanders can connect to.

“With such a close community here in PEI, everyone knows of someone who has been impacted by breast cancer,” said Docherty. “Mammograms are the key to early detection, which we know can lead to improved outcomes for more than 100 Island women – and also the men – who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.”

The current mammography machines at the QEH are more than 12 years old and are reaching their end of life. New machines will have many improvements, including tomosynthesis technology that allows 3D imaging of dense breast tissue, which will reduce the need for invasive breast biopsies.

To kick-start the campaign, Kennedy Metals presented a gift of $25,000 and Phillips Auto Sales presented a donation for $5,000. The QEH Foundation thanks donors for their continuing generosity and is pleased with the support shown for digital mammography earlier this month by sponsors and ticketholders of the Yuletide Elimination Draw & Auction.

To donate to the QEH Foundation’s Friends for Life Campaign, please call the Foundation office at 902-894-2425, go online to www.qehfoundation.pe.ca or mail to the QEH Foundation, PO Box 6600, Charlottetown, PE C1A 8T5.

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