QEH Digital Mammography Machine Funded with $600,000 Gift from Master Packaging

JANUARY 19, 2023

Master Packaging CEO Ms. Mary-Jean Irving, right, and QEH radiologist Dr. Kim Hender stand by the new digital mammography machine funded with a $600,000 commitment from Master Packaging

Staff of the QEH Diagnostic Imaging Department are praising the leading-edge advancements of two digital mammography machines that were funded last year. The QEH Foundation is proud to announce that in an act of incredible generosity, Master Packaging committed $600,000 to fund one of the machines in its entirety. What’s more, the new machine replaced an older model that Master Packaging funded in 2008.

“At Master Packaging, our team shares a commitment and a passion to giving back to the communities where we live and work,” said Mary-Jean Irving, CEO of Master Packaging. “As a breast cancer survivor, I want to ensure the women of Prince Edward Island have access to the best breast care possible. The new digital technology will assist with early and easier detection of breast cancer. The Master Packaging team is honoured to assist our community with this new donation.” 

Prior to 2008, QEH mammography machines used film. Advancing to digital mammography allowed for quicker diagnoses, as images no longer had to be developed. The machines funded in 2022 bring many additional benefits, including a reduced need for invasive biopsies, the ability for radiologists to more easily see breast cancers, and less radiation delivered to the breast.  

“I was here when we upgraded machines in 2008, and once more in 2022,” says QEH radiologist Dr. Kim Hender. “I’ve seen first-hand the impact of donor support – and we’ve saved lives because of it. We couldn’t do what we do without donations and I want to thank everyone who has invested in Island health care by supporting our department.”

Patsy MacLean, QEH Foundation past-chair, expressed her appreciation to Master Packaging for their generous support of the mammography equipment through QEH Foundation’s Friends for Life Campaign.

“On behalf of the QEH Foundation I extend my sincere thanks to Ms. Irving and all employees of Master Packaging for their continuing support of mammography in PEI,” says MacLean. “With more than 8,500 screening and diagnostic mammograms performed each year at the QEH, it is easy to see just how many lives will be touched by this new equipment.”

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